Sky Watching, Telescope handling and much more!

Registration for “Cygnus” has already been started. Interested are requested to check the following details carefully and email us with the required details. Please, don’t send any registration fee before receiving our confirmation mail.

One of our most cherished dreams is to introduce children to the joys of ‘Sky Watching’. We believe that the fresh and inquisitive minds are the perfect places to sow the seeds of science so that they mature into brilliant and logical brains.
Hence, to catch them young, we plan to start a program which will let us interact with children and help us guide them into this wonderful world of observational astronomy.
This program – named, ‘Cygnus’ shall be totally 
based on Astronomy as a science. The curriculum will have activities like, sky watching, telescope handling, science based activities, etc.
We have interacted & worked with the students of many schools and colleges – something we do regularly. We have organised ‘Sky watching camps’ for some of them too. This has given us some experience in working with children and students.