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The Sky Watchers’ Association (SWA), Kolkata, is a name familiar all over India. Amateur astronomers and sky-watchers of all ages and backgrounds gather every Saturday evening at 47/1, Beni Banerjee Avenue, Dhakuria in south Kolkata to partake of the wonders of the night-sky. This humble venue offers a veritable treasure-chest of materials related to the sky. The SWA, Kolkata houses a wonderful collection of important books and photographs on astronomy, star charts, star atlases and international astronomical journals. Here one finds experienced sky-observers equipped with six good telescopes and various sky-charts, warmly introducing visitors and members to the night-sky and answering the entire gamut of questions related to astronomy, unmarked by the politics of conventional academia!

Meet the Team

basudev sir

Basudev Bhattacharya



Samindra Basu



saikat bhadra

Saikat Bhadra

Programme Secretary


Krttika B. Dutta

Publication Secretary



Dalia Ghosh



soumen mukherjee

Soumen Mukherjee

Vice President



subrata manna

Subrata Manna

Vice President

dipankar dey

Dipankar Dey

General Secretary

samiran sir

Samiran Chakraborty