Facebook Live Sessions

Welcome to the Facebook live sessions organised by Sky Watchers’ Association. During the time of the ongoing pandemic it is difficult to reach out to the public, as we prefer to do, but we shall not halt the propagation of science among people. And that’s where we are coming up with Facebook Live sessions on various topics and events. Hope everyone will have a good time with us as always we have with you all. Do join us in those sessions.

Full Moon Lecture by Shri Soumen Mukherjee on 27.03.2021, 6 pm onwards

Join us on 27th of March, 2021, in the Facebook Live session on the monthly Full Moon Lecture. Shri Soumen Mukherjee(Vice-President, Sky Watchers’ Association) will be there with us to talk about ‘Cosmic Dust’. We shall be live from 6 pm onwards.

Click here to watch the full programme.

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